Nick Cave at Alexandra Palace

Well I guess I should finally write up the Nick Cave at Ally Pally review.
It was blinding! The Bad Seeds were on fire.

First off, what a great venue (at least from the outside). Some simply outstanding views of London, on the long walk up the hill to the Palace, and a fantastic old building for the venue to boot.

After a long, traumatic time at the bizarelly organised, under-staffed bar, we wandered in to the music area to listen to the support band. “Sons and Daughters”. Didn’t know much about them before, but had heard their single, “Taste the Last Girl” recently on t’radio, and liked it. Especially the ripped off, Smiths, This Charming Man drums.

Overall I liked them. They played the single, and more besides, sounding even more like The Smiths live, other songs had a smattering of influences from Adam and the Ants, and even the Levellers. Which was nice.
An unusual singer, more like a banshee to be honest, with a most peculiar dancing style which was fun to watch.

I was only slightly distracted by the man sitting on the floor to my left, with his head in his hands, appearing to be sleeping…turned out he was just not enjoying the music, and when the set ended, he took out his ear-plugs and spoke to (I assume) his son, who was sitting next to him, and had probably dragged him to the venue to see Cave. I lost track of him during The Bad Seeds set, so don’t know how well that went down.

As for me, well, the last time I saw Nick Cave was a year or so back, on the Nocturama tour, which was a subdued balladic affair with seating at the venue. Not here, not now. The Bad Seeds turned up to full volume, and despite a bad throat, Nick Cave let rip with full anger and passion, a truly blistering performance. Rock ‘n’ Roll at it’s most energetic and angry, with the support of the 3 person Gospel singers aswell, adding a strange dichotomy to the vitriol from the Seeds, this was Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at their absolute best.

A fantastic show, even more so, due to my girlfriend loving it too (our previous gig expeditions, Cousteau, and a Medieval nursery rhymme singer not having gone down too well).

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