The Espers – Not a good gig

Back again, been a bit busy, moving house, so not been updating this.

Wanted to write a review of the worst gig I’ve ever been to (and I’ve seen Sinead O’Connor! So that’s saying something). They were a “medieval, folk, progressive band” or some such rubbish. They were called the Espers, and I warn people to be wary.

The room was full of beardy, hippy types, that seemed to be having trouble functioning in a social arena, possibly due to the fact that they had also come to see a guitar playing, medieval nursery rhyme singing stick thin American. (Can’t remember her name, but will try and find out).

The only redeeming feature was that it was only £5!

On a more pleasing note, I’m off to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds tonight at Alexander Palace!! Bring it on!

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