Cash Machines in Pubs

Why, why why are these cash machines designed differently to every other cash machine on the planet???
How many ATMs expect the card to be inserted vertically as opposed to horizontally? only the ones in
darkened pubs, likely to be used by people with a few beers inside them!
I was at the Globe opposite Baker Street tube station on Sunday, having a couple of beers, when ran out of
cash. In no way was I drunk, yet it took me a good 5 minutes to work out what the stupid machine wanted,
and then expecting £20 to appear, as that was the button I pressed, only £10 came out, as their buttons were
badly aligned.

A farce.

And they charge £1.50! Maybe with that money they could employ someone with an ounce of sense, and
make a user friendly designed machine. Just a suggestion.

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