Blue Eden Launched on the AppStore!

I talked about Blue Eden, the iOS game I worked on with a friend, last post and it’s now hit the AppStore so please check it out!

It’s available for only $0.99/£0.69 and has NO In-App Purchases, so parents can be rest assured if their children play this they can’t rack up huge bills with Apple!

Blue Eden

Click Here to Go to the App Store

Thank you and if you do buy the game…I hope you enjoy it!!

Blue Eden iOS Underwater Video Game Adventure

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it!
Been very busy the past 3 years – had a kid, so that’s taken up a lot of time!
Also changed jobs a few times and managed to finish a personal iOS project with a friend which is due for release next month!

Here’s the press-release, so please check it out…

Blue Eden

Blue Eden

London, England – 16 January, 2014 – UK development collective, Skoobie Games, today announced the first details for ‘ Blue Eden’, a brand new underwater mobile adventure/family video game inspired by the passion to raise awareness to preserve the captivating beauty and sustainability of ocean wildlife. Created for players of all skill levels and ages, Blue Eden will launch on the iOS App Store (for iPhone and iPod Touch formats) and is available to download from Thursday, 20 th February, 2014 for £0.69 / $0.99.

The unique adventure of Blue Eden begins as audiences enter into a world of underwater exploration, discovery and survival for the first time. Adopting the controls of the incredibly striking marine fish, you take the reigns of guiding a school of Power Blue Surgeonfish from the humble beginnings of a small family to ultimately growing them into an impressive, powerful 200-strong unit. The journey of wonderment will see the fish explore unseen habitats, feed in the plankton bloom, escape from giant predators and produce the next generation of fish. With unpredictability and danger around every turn, how far can you go on your adventure as you pursue the goal of ongoing survival in the oceans of Blue Eden?

Players will get to experience each of the 4 fun-filled game types that represent a different part of the Surgeonfish’s life cycle. Some of the key game features include:

  • DYNAMIC SIMULATION – Take control of a giant fish school, with its captivating beauty realistically recreated. See the impact of adventure gameplay with every touch.
  • 4-PART GAME TYPES – Highly accessible to pick up and play! Tackle Migration, Feeding, Predator and Breeding stages, each offering a unique challenging experience.
  • BREED & GROW – Build on the size of your family and form a powerful group, with thousands of possible combinations. Each season will get tougher than the previous, how many generations can you last?
  • STAYING ALIVE – Explore the unpredictable waters where danger may lurk at each turn. Avoid shark attacks and other nasty ocean predators, all wanting a taste of the Surgeonfish.
  • FUN GALLERY & EDUCATION – Learn about the fascinating facts behind each of the creatures in the game. Understand the real life threats to our oceans, discover what actions are being taken and find out how you can help.

With the sustainability of ocean wildlife becoming a larger focus in the news, the Skoobie Games team wanted to leverage technology not just for technology’s sake but to look to utilise the broad reach of iOS devices to raise awareness of this plight. The result of Blue Eden is a fun, compelling yet simple game that showcases the beauty of ocean life.

Skoobie Games’ producer and game designer Chun Wah Kong said:

“With the advent of mainstream mobile games, we wanted to create an experience that provides more than quick bursts of entertainment. I wanted to come up with something that mattered to each and everyone of us. Tech is big news but I think we need to spend time talking more about nature too. I’m a big fan of ocean documentaries and wanted to create the same sense of curiosity and wonderment in a game. I hope we’ve achieved some way in raising awareness when they play Blue Eden, and through our website we’ve given them the portal to explore what they can do to help ocean wildlife.”

Blue Eden is available to download on iOS formats (iPhone and iPod Touch) from Thursday, 20th February 2014 for £0.69 / $0.99. For more information, go to

– ends –

About Skoobie Games

Skoobie Games is a UK based collective of game veterans and developer friends who share a common passion for making fun, dynamic and original video game entertainment that appeal to a wide audience. With the vision to create fresh experiences that focus beyond traditional game genres, ‘Blue Eden’ is the company’s first published mobile title developed to raise global awareness around the need to preserve ocean wildlife and the natural beauty of the seas. The game is available on iOS for the iPhone and iPod Touch formats.

Gatchapon on the iPhone

Gachakon - iToy Capsule

Gachakon - iToy Capsule

I recently joined the world of Apple and iPhones when my iPhone 4 arrived last week after only about 3 weeks on the waiting last.

As a newbie to IPhones I’ve been frantically downloading every free app possible. My favourite one so far is a gatchapon simulator for the iPhone, iToy Capsule (or Gachakon in Japanese) from Studio Kura.

It’s a Japanese game but instructions etc are in English. Every 10 minutes you get ¥100 to drag into the slot and turn the handle. You can “win” a collection of figures, musical drums and even mini-games. The tetris is just weird and pointless but the card pairs game kills a few minutes.

I haven’t collected everything yet, and it’s the only app I go back to 2,3 times a day and even have to let my wife and a guy at work have a go each day.

Highly recommended!

Winnie The Pooh has the Flu

Spotted this in an electronic goods store last Christmas.

Winnie The Pooh has the Flu

Winnie The Pooh has the Flu

Even Poohsan isn’t save from the flu.

Learning the Ukulele

Yesterday was the last of our two “Introduction to the Ukulele” lessons at a music school in town.

Great fun, and not as hard as the guitar (at least the basics!) – although holding it is a bit odd if you’re used to a larger guitar.

We learnt Aloha Oe first, and then a Japanese song which was famous in the west as Sukiyaki. That’s a fun tune, and after 90 minutes of practicing, almost recognizable – if you ignore the bits where I couldn’t find the chords in time.

All I need to do now is buy my own ukulele and learn While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Mondai nai as we say here! (No problem!)